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Tunis Arriving in the capital city. 3 Bab Saadoun Station - This station is by Gare Routière Tunis Nord (northern bus station) northwest in Tunis by Bab Saadoun. Tunis - Khnis : 9,000 ... Gafsa, Tunisia (4 pictures) The Chott El-Jerid lies between Kebili and Tozeur. Answer 1 of 14: OK, so today we got a bit lost! But in Sousse Louage Station, you buy a ticket and gave that to the driver. 3) Carthage . Day 2 Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, Tunis Gorgeous sea-side towns & sights of Tunis. It is visited by tourists on their way to Takrouna. Day 4 Gafsa, Tozeur Commute from Sousse to Gafsa to Tozeur. Pour Monastir, 5 DT, pour Tunis, 10 DT (1h30), pour Port El Kantaoui, 1 DT. Has it gone up much? Na dálnicích v Tunisku se platí mýtné. We will certainly miss Sousse which has been a great base for us over these past few days. We took a louage to Sousse and asked for far station, as we wanted to then get to El Djem. Sousse je jedna ze zastávek na vlakové lince z Tunisu (na severu) dolů do Sfaxu a Monastiru na jih. Visit the archaeological sites and spend the night at the Hotel Julius. Sousse (and Monastir) – suggested length of time: 2 nights. V okolí Sousse je mnoho rôznych hotelov. I traveled from city to city (Tunis, Bizerta, Nabeul, Sousse, Kairouan, Sfax, Gab�s, and Houmt-Souk on the beautiful island of Djerba). tř.). Port El Kantaoui. tř./2. For the approximately 150km (100 miles) long route Tunis-Sousse, the train needs ca. The driver let us out and pointed in a direction, which we then found was the way to the medina! Ak pôjdete zo Sousse niekam ďalej pamätajte, že stanica Louage je na južnom okraji mesta, ale autobusové nádražie skôr na juhozápade. Libya borders Tunisia to the south-east, whilst Algeria lies to the west. 26 March: After checking out of the Hotel Medina (144 Dinar for 3 nights), we caught a taxi (2.3 Dinar) to the louage station and paid 4.8 Dinar each for a ride to Kairouan. Same journey by bus is 0.46dinars. Tunis is a major hub for the country's louage (shared taxi) network. I suppose there must by louage connection to those places. Dálnice A-1 spojuje Tunis se Sousse. There are three main louage stations in Tunis. Tunis- Bekalta : 10,100 DT. 2) Bardo Museum in Tunis. Thanks! 6) Bizerte. Any tips please on the transportation? I will be arriving in Tunis airport at around 1315-ish and need to get to Sousse on the same day as I will be departing on a local tour from Sousse early next morning.. Now I have checked the train times and it seems there is a train from Tunis to Sousse at … Tunisia lies immediately to the south of Italy and Malta. Příklad ceny z Tunisu do Sousse je 12/10/6 dinárů podle třídy (Grand/1. Answered: I just got back from Sousse. Alternatively, backtrack to Sousse for the night. Tunis-Carthage-Sidi Boud Said - Bardo PRIVATE tour from Sousse,Hammamet&Tunis. ... Louage journey from Sousse to El … 2 hours and the fare in the 1st class will be about 6 Euro (6 UKP / 7 USD) per person and one way. I only used the louages for the odd journey from main road near Royal Salem Hotel to the Medina-- fare 1dinar. Things to do, places to see, how to get there and how much did it cost. Kairouan is best explored on foot and as with many Tunisian cities it is the Medina, the old city, that is where almost all sites of interest to tourists can be found though the Medina itself is beautiful with white washed walls and a myriad of alleys and arches to explore, as featured in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. This museum is located in the old Kasbah of Sousse, a fort from the 11th century. And one to go north/west (Gare Routière Nord) toward Bizerte, El Kef, Dougga (via Taboursouk). (same message as posted in the Tunis forum, apologize for cross posting, just in case people only read this forum instead of Tunis'). Pozor, některé cestovní kanceláře přepravují klienty do Monastiru z letiště v Tunisu, což je … Many thanks in advance! El Jem to Sousse – 1 night (for the Medina of Sousse) Take the train or a louage to Sousse. For train times and the complete low-down on train travel in Tunisia, consult the Man in Seat 61. The return train journey from Sidi Bou Said to Tunis takes around half an hour. Enfidha (or Dar-el-Bey, Arabic: دار البي ‎ Enfīđa / Dar el bāy) is a town in north-eastern Tunisia with a population of approximately 10,000. Sousse is one of the older cities in Tunisia possessing an authentic medina, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.It is a popular tourist destination, particularly with Russian, Serbs, Croats, Britons, Germans and East Europeans. ... We chose to take the train because we didn’t want to get motion-sick, but the Louage would have gotten us to Sousse more quickly. Sousse Archaeological Museum is the second largest museum in Tunisia, after the Bardo Museum, in Tunis. From Tunis, we headed south to El Jem, or El Djem. The fare is fixed – 1 TND (~$0.35), which you just pay the driver as you get off. Located on the coast, it has good beaches and a clear turquoise sea. One to go south (Moncef Bey) towards Sousse, Hammamet, Tatouine, etc. I also ‘louaged’ from towns to nearby villages for day excursions, such as from Sousse to the beautiful Roman ruins at El-Djem or from Tozeur to Metaloui. I used the trains,both stations and the louages. By louage . Tunis to El Jem – 1 night (for the Amphitheatre of El Jem) Take the train from Tunis to El Jem. It’s a pretty frequent route. 1) Tunis Medina. Kancelář ONNT leží dost blízko mešity, ale až za hradbami, na takovém největším náměstí. Enfidha is located at around CoordinatesIt lies on the railway between Tunis and Sousse, approximately 45 km northeast of Sousse and a few kilometres inland from the Gulf of Hammamet. Tunis- Teboulba : 9,900 DT. Pojdete-li ze Sousse někam dál, pamatujte, že stanice Louage je na jižním okraji města, kdežto autobusové nádraží spíše na jihozápadě. The national bus company, the Société Nationale du Transport Rural et Interurbain ( Lezard Rouge Tourist Train . Tunis Travel & Transportation Services: Check out Viator's reviews and photos of Tunis tours. The louage is meant to take nine passengers, but when 10 people turned up for the louage from Utique to Tunis, everyone simply squeezed a little more so we could all get on and no one was left out waiting for the next louage. Answered: Anyone know the current fare by louage from Souse to Tunis? Tomorrow’s adventure will be getting from Sousse to Kairouan by louage. Tunis has at least two. Answer 1 of 8: Does anybody have any idea how much the entire Louage from Tunis to Djerba would be? The most comfortable way to travel from Tunis to Sousse is by train. I seem to remember it being about 9 dinar last time I was there. 100 dinar, 200 dinar? This is the first class cabin we were in. 4) Sidi Bou Said. I waited for a yellow louage to leave towards the little town of Hammam Sousse (about 15 min drive from Sousse) where I was staying. Comme partout, départ dès que le louage est plein. Pour se rendre en taxi à la médina de Sousse depuis la station de louage, compter environ 2 DT. The Port of El-Kantaoui and La Baie des Anges were within walking distance (30-40 min) of Hammam Sousse. Kancelária ONTT leží dosť blízko mešity, ale až za hradbami, na takom najväčšom námestí. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Port El Kantaoui Tourism Port El Kantaoui Hotels Port El Kantaoui Bed and Breakfast Port El Kantaoui Vacation Rentals Port El Kantaoui Packages Visit the medina and stay the night. Tunisia (Arabic: تونس‎) officially known as the Tunisian Republic (Arabic: الجمهورية التونسية‎), is a country in Northern Africa that has a Mediterranean Sea coastline in the very centre of Mediterranean Africa. Even if it's just a vague idea - e.g. The walls of the medina of Sousse In the morning we made our way by louage to Sousse. Sousse in a Day. Stations: Most cities have one Louage Station that is relatively central. 5) The Great Mosque in Kairouan. In the south ( between Gafsa and Tozeur ), there is a well known and popular tourist train, the " Lezard Rouge ", which runs a scenic route through a canyon. Mezi využívaná letiště patří letiště na ostrově Djerba (taktéž pro přilehlou část pevniny - Zarzis), Monastir (pro Monastir, Mahdrii, Sousse, Hammemet, Nabeul) a hlavní město Tunis. The biggest Ribat of Monastir, beaches of Sousse and amphitheater of El Jem - An nine-day travelogue through Tunisia's finest places - Tunis, Carthage, Sidi bou Said, Sousse, El Jem, Monastir, Gafsa, Tozeur, Chebika, Tamerza, Mides, Chott El-Jerid, Douz, Sahara Desert, Matmata, Gabes, Kebili. Louages connect Tunis with many major cities in Tunisia. Built in the early 20th century to transport the Bey of Tunis on his tours around the country, the historic, six-carriage Lézard Rouge now operates as a sightseeing train for tourists. Answer 1 of 2: Hi Guys, I have been to Tunisia and Sousse before however it has mainly been for a quiet relaxing holiday. Tunis- Jammel : 9,350 DT. Tunis to Sousse via train. Tunis- Ksar Helal : 9,900 DT. The museum has been created in 1952 and has recently received considerable improvement and restoration works. Partagez3TweetezPartagez+13 PartagesAgents of the National Guard’s search and investigation brigade in Sousse managed to arrest a 55-year-old terrorist known as “Abou Houreira” at the highway in Sousse-Tunis. Have done Souse to Tunis in a louage, was just wondering if anyone knew a rough idea of the current price? Autem. Tunis- Monastir : 9,000 DT. Day 3 Sousse, Monastir, El Jem Medina, Ribat, Amphitheater.

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